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CLarks is a global retail business with more than 6 000 employees. We’Re committed to doing better by the planet and people that call it home. We use our code of ethics to work as responsibly as possible.

Following our Code makes sure the company and its employees avoid violations of laws and regulations and that we maintain our integrity and reputation. With full support of the Clarks Board, the Code operates in combination with our values and corporate responsibility commitments to provide the framework and guidance for operating in an open, honest and ethical way.

Our suppliers and contractors are also required to comply with key elements of the Code, alongside our Supplier Code of Practice. We are dedicated to acting on issues including climate change, sustainability and workers’ rights, and we have set out the ethics that guide us and the actions we take to meet our goals.

We urge you to raise concerns and report any situations where you believe the Code may have been breached. Together, we will continue to meet the high standards expected of a leading member of the global business community.

If you have any questions on the Code, please contact ethics@clarks.com.
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Reporting of breaches or concerns

Can be made through any of the following: